Yesterday’s AABR symposium “Rebuilding ecosystems, what are the principles?” was a great success. The conference centre venue was a great space and about 220 people attended. From all accounts the audience were all blown away by the very high quality of the ecological restoration work represented by the 7 invited speakers as well as the 6 people presenting speed talks. The two workshops included some excellent discussion and moved forward the topics of the SERA National Restoration Standards and AABR’s potential reconstruction practitioner accreditation. The event was filmed by Virginia Bear and she is working on producing separate videos for each talk to load up on this website. So watch this space!

The AGM also went well. Most of the existing committee renominated and we also gained a few more fresh faces. From among those new members, a new sub-committee was formed to look closer into the question of whether (and if so, how) to develop a reconstruction accreditation.