AABR sponsors two awards that are given each year to outstanding students undertaking Conservation and Land Management Courses at TAFE.

Beverley Blacklock Prize

The Beverley Blacklock Prize is presented to the student with the highest marks in their CALM studies at Ryde TAFE.

Beverley Blacklock of Castlecrag in Sydney was an early adherent to the Bradley method and a notable force in keeping Castlecrag ‘native’ through bush regeneration and by using local native plants provided by her nursery in the gardens of Castlecrag. She integrated her love of landscape, architecture, history and nature and she had a strong sense of community values. She had a major influence on bush regeneration and her premature death in the 1980s was a sad loss to the industry.

(Thanks to Robin Buchanan for the text)

Mark Foster Memorial Award

The Mark Foster Memorial Award is presented annually to the outstanding student at the Central Coast Campuses of TAFE. It is sponsored by Marks friends Garon Staines and Paul Malligan.

Mark Foster died in January 2010 in a motorcycle accident near his home on the Central Coast. Mark, also known to many as Foz, is remembered as a great bush regenerator and friend of the earth. He worked for the National Trust and Total Earth Care in the 1990s, was a founding member of the Bushland and Rainforest Co-operative. He worked for northern Sydney councils as a bushcare trainer before running his own contracting business, Engedi Environmental Services, which principally operated on the Central Coast. He was an AABR member, gave generously to various charities and undertook much overseas aid work.

Mark’s departure was a loss for the industry, the bush and the planet. He had a deep intuitive knowledge regarding resilience  and the re-instatement of natural systems. He was a true believer in the Bradley inspired ‘good’ bush priority philosophy. He had a tremendous capacity for hard work and the sensitivity required for finer weeding. Mark always brought good cheer, laughs, energy and positivity to a site and was inspiring in his knowledge and love of rainforest and permaculture. He was a generous and humble soul in so many ways and is loved and missed by many.

(Thanks to Matthew Bailey for the text)