AABR Accreditation is generally accepted as recognition of a person’s competency as a bush regenerator and is valued by practitioners, contractors and employees.

Standard applications’ for accreditation are welcome from anyone who has: (a) at least 500 hours of practical experience in bush regeneration work (voluntary or paid) over at least 2 years under a recognised supervisor, and (b) has completed an AABR-recognised course in bush regeneration. (i.e. once your application is received, AABR will check that your listed course/s, eg. Certificate III Conservation and Land Management, has been delivered for the bush regeneration sector.) This experience and training leads to the applicant gaining the 12 bush regeneration competencies listed by AABR.

There is also a non-standard pathway to AABR accreditation for people who feel they have gained the 12 AABR competencies in other ways, and have the relevant 500 hours over 2 years of bush regeneration field experience. This will involve a special assessment.

Both Standard and Non-standard applications use the same ‘Accreditation application form’ (available on this page) and are asked to fill in the table listing the sites at which their bush regeneration experience has been gained and the table listing any relevant courses.

AABR Competencies
Accreditation Application Form (PDF)
Accreditation Application Form (Word)

There is now an annual fee for accreditation of $30 per accredited member ($15 unwaged).