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20 years of Restoring the Big Scrub Rainforests – Big Scrub Landcare

Fig Top Left Part of the rainforest plantation at the private property owned by Jephcotts - 2006 (Photo Mark Dunphy); Fig Top Right. EnviTE map of the Big Scrub showing remnants, camphor and corridors (Map Paul O’Connor, EnviTE Environment) The Big Scrub is an area of subtropical rainforest in north coast NSW on deep volcanic soils. Believed [...]

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Woorim Dune Recovery Project – Moreton Bay Qld

The great sandy beaches and the associated fore dunes of south east Queensland are under enormous pressure from pedestrian and vehicle access.  That is, unmanaged pedestrian access that causes trampling of the dunal vegetation (such as beach spinifex Spinifex sericeus) poses the major threat to recruitment, resilience and structure in the vegetation community of the [...]

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Nora Head Restoration and Rehabilitation Project

Above Images:Before and after view from Norah Head light tower upper balcony, looking south-west along the reserve towards the abandoned quarry. Prior to works (April 2011) the Bitou Bush is clearly as the yellow flowering shrub throughout.  Two years after primary and follow up works (July 2013) more than 90% of Bitou Bush has been [...]

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Coward’s Wetland, The Gap Road, Woodburn, NSW

An assisted regeneration approach was trialled in an exotic pasture grass-dominated clearing in a forested wetland site – where we might normally have expected planting to be needed. Grazed clearings near remnant vegetation are usually spot sprayed or blanked sprayed prior to planting and mulching. In this case we trialled spraying about half a hectare [...]

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Soil Crusts – Nature’s Soil Fixers

Soil crusts might sound might sound dry and uninspiring, but are quite the opposite when presented by David Eldridge with slides by Heino Lepp. It seems we have been largely overlooking a valuable and fascinating component of our dry land ecosystems. Biological crusts play an important role in maintaining healthy soils in the semi arid [...]

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Bush Regen/Ecological Restoration Training

A recent bombshell threatens training in bush regeneration and ecological restoration: From 1 July 2014, all training in CLM in NSW will move to an ‘open market’ for training providers and where full fees will be charged for CLM Certs 4, Diploma and, if a student already has a Cert 3 in any field, Cert [...]

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Willows in Australia

Generally, willow seed is very small, very short-lived (2-4 days), produced in massive quantities over several weeks, highly fertile, capable of dispersal over very large distances by wind, and very specific about the characteristics of a suitable seed bed. This means that usually most seeds do not survive but, when conditions are suitable, hundreds of [...]

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Native Orchids

Download Native Orchids

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Invertebrate Biodiversity in Urban Landscapes: Assessing Remnant Habitat and its Restoration

Download Invertebrate Biodiversity in Urban Landscapes: Assessing Remnant Habitat and its Restoration

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Terrestrial Invertebrates and Ecological Restoration

Download Terrestrial Invertebrates and Ecological Restoration

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