A recent bombshell threatens training in bush regeneration and ecological restoration:

From 1 July 2014, all training in CLM in NSW will move to an ‘open market’ for training providers and where full fees will be charged for CLM Certs 4, Diploma and, if a student already has a Cert 3 in any field, Cert 3! (Cert 3 is regarded as the entry level for bush regeneration). This will be $5- $15,000 for a course!

There will be an exemption for Certs 2 and 3 (but only for those without another Cert 3 or higher qualification) and a ‘HECS- type’ loan process will be offered to studentsbut only if Bush regeneration is on the list of critical courses.

CLM has been LEFT OFF the government’s list of critical courses.

AABR has made representations to the Government and met with the Minister responsible. We’ll post an update soon.

Thanks to all who responded to our alert and made a submission.