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Forty years of restoration & production on a working sheep station

Martin Driver's 5000ha grazing property has been in the family for many years. Martin outlines the transformations that have occurred as a result of fencing, the resilience of the landscape and the lessons he has learned in managing the land for grazing, protection of endangered plant communities and environmental outcomes. The talk is presented within [...]

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Regeneration of Maritime Grassland at Fingal Head, NSW- Fingal Head Coastcare

Fig 1: The Fingal Head trial plot where buffalo grass was sprayed and slashed. After persistent follow up about 90% cover of natives has regenerated. Species include prickly couch, native violet, native lobelia, blady grass, plectranthus and native rats tail. Very small numbers of a few grassland forbs (including golden everlasting daisy) were planted. Photo: [...]

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Phoenix Flats rising from Ash Island, Kooragang Wetland Rehabiltiation Project, Hunter Valley, NSW

Fig 1 (left image): 1995: Degraded paddock prior to Phoenix Flats (Photo KWRP) Fig 2 (right image): 2001:  Forming Phoenix Flats (Photo KWRP) Kooragang Wetland Rehabilitation Project has created 10ha of coastal saltmarsh, Phoenix Flats, from a degraded, disused paddock.  The site is adjacent to a tidal creek on Ash Island 15km west of Newcastle in the [...]

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Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub Restoration and management at North Head Sanctuary, North Head, Manly

Fig 1 (left image). Control burn of ESBS at North Head (Photo Sydney Harbour Federation Trust) Fig 2 (right image). Regeneration of ESBS occurring after a burn at North Head. (Photo Sydney Harbour Federation Trust) Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS) is a nationally and state-listed Endangered Ecological scrub and heath vegetation community confined to deep, [...]

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20 years of Restoring the Big Scrub Rainforests – Big Scrub Landcare

Fig Top Left Part of the rainforest plantation at the private property owned by Jephcotts - 2006 (Photo Mark Dunphy); Fig Top Right. EnviTE map of the Big Scrub showing remnants, camphor and corridors (Map Paul O’Connor, EnviTE Environment) The Big Scrub is an area of subtropical rainforest in north coast NSW on deep volcanic soils. Believed [...]

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Woorim Dune Recovery Project – Moreton Bay Qld

The great sandy beaches and the associated fore dunes of south east Queensland are under enormous pressure from pedestrian and vehicle access.  That is, unmanaged pedestrian access that causes trampling of the dunal vegetation (such as beach spinifex Spinifex sericeus) poses the major threat to recruitment, resilience and structure in the vegetation community of the [...]

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Nora Head Restoration and Rehabilitation Project

Above Images:Before and after view from Norah Head light tower upper balcony, looking south-west along the reserve towards the abandoned quarry. Prior to works (April 2011) the Bitou Bush is clearly as the yellow flowering shrub throughout.  Two years after primary and follow up works (July 2013) more than 90% of Bitou Bush has been [...]

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Coward’s Wetland, The Gap Road, Woodburn, NSW

An assisted regeneration approach was trialled in an exotic pasture grass-dominated clearing in a forested wetland site – where we might normally have expected planting to be needed. Grazed clearings near remnant vegetation are usually spot sprayed or blanked sprayed prior to planting and mulching. In this case we trialled spraying about half a hectare [...]

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