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Powerful Owl Coalition

The Powerful Owl Coalition’s publication, Protecting Powerful Owls in Urban Areas – Powerful Owls benefit people, :   is must read for restoration practitioners. The 36-page position statement not only has background information on the need to protect the Powerful Owls along with their biology and habitat requirements, it also has a dedicated section for various [...]

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Platform Weavers: Spiders on Trampolines

Download Platform Weavers: Spiders on Trampolines

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Protecting and Recreating Habitat for Urban Wildlife

These notes were created by Danie Ondinea for a Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services seminar “Urban Wildlife Ecology - The Balancing Act”. Why be concerned about wildlife? What is the role and value of wildlife in our bushland and gardens? Native wildlife is an essential part of a balanced ecosystem. Flowers are pollinated by: birds flying-foxes small [...]

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Native Groundcovers for Your Garden

Do you have a garden that is full of invasive plants like Fishbone Fern, Asparagus, Wandering Jew, Spider Plant or Impatiens? Birds, wind and water spread some of these plants far from your home where they invade and damage bushland. Some plants escape through fences or spread from material dumped in the bush. You can [...]

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Habitat Checklist

Some guidelines for assessing isolated and/or degraded potential habitat areas such as gardens and industrial sites. Elements that increase the habitat value of an area Proximity to bushland reserve Mature trees particularly eucalypts Intact understorey particularly indigenous species Native fauna present Exposed rock, logs and leaf litter present Clean water present. Elements that decrease the [...]

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Plants for a Native Animal Friendly Garden in Sydney Sandstone Country

To attract the greatest variety of wildlife to your garden you need to provide habitat with a range of different sizes of plants as well as different species. What does this mean? It means that a garden with only trees and lawns is not very inviting to most small creatures. They also need shrubs and [...]

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Wildlife Habitat and Bush Regeneration in Urban Areas

Some strategies to help protect and restore habitat during bush regeneration and revegetation activities. Guiding Principles Protect existing wildlife habitat and create new habitat for existing and restorable wildlife. Control problem weeds while allowing new habitat areas to mature. Restore existing degraded habitat once new habitat areas are providing shelter and food resources. Link areas [...]

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Protecting and Creating Habitat in Urban Bushland and Local Parks and Gardens

Strategies to protect and restore existing habitat areas and their wildlife Consider the habitat potential of weeds, unwanted trees and shrubs and garbage before removal. Limit clearing, heavy pruning, “clean ups” and weed removal in bushland areas or parks and gardens to no more than one third of the total area at any one time [...]

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Some ideas on creating a Wildlife Habitat Corridor in your suburb

Request that your local Council support the creation of a Wildlife Habitat Corridor as part of meeting their obligations to conserve local biodiversity. Request that Council provide the resources and staff (eg. Wildlife Corridor Co-ordinator) to write and implement a Wildlife Habitat Corridor Study and Action Plan and to implement relevant actions from existing open [...]

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Fauna Refuge Log Piles

Make the piles large enough to be safe for climbing children and to deter firewood collectors and vandals. Piles approximately 5 metres X 5 metres X 1.5 m high have been successful on a creekside site. Don’t use Camphor Laurel logs at all. Willow, Coral Tree and other weed tree logs which may reshoot should [...]

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