Matthew Pearson


Personal Information 

I was born and work in South Australia. My education was gained from the eastern states – New South Wales and Victoria – and I work as a subcontractor / contractor for MADEC and my own consultancy.

Professional background.

I have worked in the field of weed management and education for the last 21 years. My work has mainly focused on environmental monitoring and weed control. In the last 9 years my work has moved more towards being involved with the regeneration of vegetation communities. My focus has been on the arid, coastal and aquatic environments found in South Australia. To reflect the nature of my work environments my consultancy is called Wet and Wild Floristics Services.

The majority of my work involves providing education for employment programs within the field of natural resource management. The work encompasses developing and writing material including developing educational kits for other trainers to use in the delivery of training.

I joined AABR about three years ago so that I could maintain an understanding of the industry. Even though I might be a member of other committees in South Australia, AABR has enable me to see and bring to these committees new ideas and techniques of undertaking our work. Likewise, I also enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge with others which I am hoping to do through AABR.