Jane Gye



Region you live/ work:


Personal Information

Lived in Sydney most of my life, 64 years old, mother of 2, grandmother of 1.5. Geologist by training, bush regenerator by passion (I think geology is a great foundation for understanding the natural world).

Your interest and involvement in bush regeneration / ecological restoration

1982 I did a National Trust course (before TAFE course started). Since then I have:

  • worked part time with NT for approx 8 years as a BR, supervisor and Bushcare trainer
  • am currently working for 2 councils as a casual Bushcare trainer ( approx last 10 years).
  • Was a member of Ku-ring-gai Council’s Bushland Management Working Party for about 10 years
  • was volunteer BR in Ku-ring-gai for 12 years – started their first Streetcare group (in an EEC)
  • completed a post grad diploma in Environmental Education at Macquarie Uni 2005
  • currently volunteer in Hornsby Shire Bushcare (started group 6 years ago)
  • volunteer with Friends of Lord Howe Island since 2001. Committee member of Friends
  • currently volunteer with Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve
  • AABR member since 1992 and committee member for approx 9 years

What you feel you can bring to the committee

A commitment to promoting bush regen as an effective management practice for maintaining and enhancing biodiversity, increasing the viability of the mosaic of fragmented bush and all natural areas across Australia.

What AABR stands for is something unique in native veg management. I am motivated to see AABR prosper and be regarded as a body that has the skills and knowledge that are sought by those who are responsible for the land that they live, work and play in. I wish to assist AABR within my capabilities and as time allows.