Kate Low


Region you live/ work

Sydney: Live in Alexandria, work in Ryde

Personal Information

I am Head Teacher, Applied Environmental Management at the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, Ryde Campus. I manage courses including CII CLM, CIII CLM, CIII Indigenous Land management, Diploma of Conservation and Land Management, and the Advanced Diploma of Applied Environmental Management.

I’m not doing much on ground work these days, but I am a passionate community gardener (at the local public school my kids attend) and look forward to getting back into more Bush Regen as life gets a little less busy. I have 3 school age children, and am also a keen swimmer.

Your interest and involvement in bush regeneration / ecological restoration

I first got involved in bush regeneration in the early 1990s. For me, as for many of us, it was a revelation. I have a background in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, and first studied bush regeneration when I was working in a landscape design/ construction firm.

Bush regeneration completed the landscape ‘picture’ for me. I was able to see landscapes through the lens of ecological processes.

My strongest influences have been Robin Buchanan (with whom I have had the privilege of working with for 20 years) and Danie Ondinea, who I met when I was teaching (though I learnt more from her than she ever did from me). These days I work closely with Danny Hirschfeld, Agata Mitchell, Mark Walters, Diana Smit, Chris Williams and Dom Edmonds. My knowledge and approach is constantly challenged by these amazing professionals.

What you feel you can bring to the committee

Education is a vital part of the AABR mission. We aim to lift standards in bush regeneration and ecological restoration, and good education is a fundamental part of that. As Head Teacher of Applied environmental Management at Ryde TAFE, I bring a strong understanding of the training environment. I work with lots of contractors, and lots of contractors send their students to TAFE. I hope that I can make links between contractors, education and AABR.