Spencer Shaw


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Personal Information

Spencer Shaw born in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, 1969. Migrated to Australia with family in 1977. Has lived in SE QLD since 1982. Married with 3 children 21,18, 16 and one grandchild 3. Has lived at Maleny, (Sunshine Coast Hinterland) since 1992 – almost considered locals.

Your interest and involvement in bush regeneration / ecological restoration

I have worked in the nursery industry since 1991. Established Brush Turkey Enterprises in 1998 as a specialist rainforest seed supplier (hence the name of the business – scratching around in the leaf litter for seed) . Diversified into contract bush regeneration in 2001 on several projects funded by the SE QLD Rainforest Recovery Project.

Joined AABR in about 2005, travelling down to Lismore for assessment. To the best of my knowledge at that stage I was the first Queenslander to receive AABR accreditation, through the non-standard assessment process.

Brush Turkey Enterprises currently employs over seventeen (17) people in its Wholesale Nursery, Contracting, Consultancy and Education divisions. Including myself we now have three (3) Accredited AABR practitioners.

Committee experience includes Vice-President Barung Landcare 2003; Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve MC 2004-2007, President of the Maleny chamber of Commerce 2014.

Education is a big part of our business and I am a regular contributor to our local newspapers, Land for wildlife and a few other publications and present at workshops at least monthly.

I am passionate about making a living working with natural systems, not just for our own business but assisting / networking / joint ventures with others.

Being new to the AABR committee I hope to bring a fresh perspective (where suitable); Grow AABR membership in SE QLD ; and provide assistance to other committee members in the development of AABR.