Bush Habitat Restoration Co-operative

Professional Categories:

Natural Areas Restoration and Management

The Bush Habitat Co-op. formed in October 2001, with the aim of providing members and clients with thoughtful and cost-effective bush regeneration work that is focused on the needs of the site, particularly in protecting and restoring wildlife habitat. We work within the area of Greater Sydney.

The experience of our members in bush regeneration is comprehensive, combining fieldwork, teaching, Bushcare training, consultancy and administration. Members of the Co-op. have worked in all the major ecological communities of Sydney, including many Endangered Ecological Communities.


As a company Bush Habitat Restoration has specialized in managing areas requiring care and efficiency using hand weeding techniques. The application of these techniques has been shown to be very successful in our work. We are aware of councils’ limited resources, hence will not use hand weeding where this will not be effective, but our experience has shown that hand weeding is still a basic core of good bush regeneration.

Bush Habitat uses a technique of neatly stacking woody weed waste across slopes to prevent erosion and provide extra habitat. It can also serve as a means of delineating one area from another, and provides ecological niches for germination of particular native species. Not only is this more sustainable then removing woody debris from site, but it also provides fuel for a future ecological burn.

Where appropriate revegetation is carried out, especially where it compliments
natural regeneration.

We have extensive experience of monitoring transects and quadrats on site.

We have staff with university qualifications in Geology and Environmental Science/Ecology who add to the store of knowledge and resources of our Co-operative. In addition, through long experience of our directors we are in contact with senior ecologists and botanists who are happy to give advice when requested.

Through contacts with fauna groups such as Frog and Tadpole Study Group and Birdlife Australia we keep in touch with recent research in fauna studies.

Main AABR Member: Alex Bamforth
Postal Address: 120 Fitzgerald Avenue
Maroubra, NSW 2035
Phone Number: 0411 603 469
Mobile Number: 0411 603 469
Services Provided: Weed treatment – Hand tools and backpack sprayer, Fire hazard reduction works, Planting – Hand, Erosion control – Hand tools, Seed collection + storage and/or supply, Training, Education and Awareness
Regions of Operation: NSW – Sydney, NSW – Illawarra