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AABR Achievements for 2018-2019

Once a year we gather as group to discuss and determine the direction of AABR, catch up with colleagues who have guided the organisation and welcome new people with an interest in raising the bar on restoration. This year, in an AABR first we’ll be Livestreaming the event.

At the AGM we will be foreshadowing a proposal to adopt a national structure for the group discussing the reasons why and what is involved. This will be a significant step in the evolution of AABR and all those who are interested in AABR’s purpose are encouraged to contribute to the conversation. Also on the agenda is consideration of AABR’s Vision and Mission statements.

Our guest speaker this year is Reclaim Kosci campaigner Linda Groom talking on Kosciuszko National Park – the horses, the damage and the arguments. Linda will present the issue of horses in the park from an environmentalist’s point of view, examining the most controversial aspect of the issue – the possible methods for reducing horse numbers – including arguments for and against each method. The presentation also explores the role of plants as ‘natural water managers’ at the head of the Murray catchment, and how they are affected by hard-hooved animals.

After the AGM (1-2pm) an hour of socialising is on offer with a bush regen buffet. Bring a plate to share there are kitchen facilities available.

Would you like to join the committee and support AABR?

Talk to our President, Tein McDonald. Email president@aabr.org.au  about what is involved

The Agenda for the AGM (print friendly)

11 am Welcome: Tein McDonald

11:05-11:35 Guest Speaker:

Linda Groom – Invasive Species Council Volunteer  – Kosciuszko National Park – the horses, the damage and the arguments

11:35-12pm Questions and Discussion

12:00-12:45 AGM

  • Attendance & Apologies
  • Minutes  of previous AGM held 17/11/18
  • Business Arising from previous minutes
    • President’s Report -Tein McDonald
    • Treasurer’s Report – Suzanne Pritchard
    • Election of Office Bearers (60% accredited practitioners)
      • Nomination of Returning Officer
        • Nominations have been received for the 3 Executive positions and 8 Committee positions
      • Executive Nominations
        • President – Tein McDonald (NSW)
        • Treasurer – Suzanne Pritchard (NSW)
        • Secretary – Jane Gye (NSW)
      • Committee Nominations
        • Victoria Bakker (Qld)
        • Peter Dixon (NSW)
        • Deb Holloman (NSW)
        • Agata Mitchell (NSW)
        • Jane Pammer (Vic)
        • Matthew Pearson (SA)
        • Kylie Robinson (Vic)
        • Rob Scott (Vic)
      • Public Officer confirmed as Heather Stolle
  • 12:45 Future directions

    • A National Structure
    • Vision and Mission statements

    1-2 pm Socialising – Bring a plate for a bush regen buffet