Download the Paying the Price of Garden Escapes report.
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Help Support Change

Send a letter to support the call for better support for AABR in the battle against garden escapes

Help make a difference: urge the NSW Ministers for Environment and Primary Industries to declare the garden plant invasion pathway as a threatening process under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act and pledge genuine support for the bush regeneration workforce.

With your help we can convince government to take action on this critical environmental issue.

Write to the Ministers by downloading this sample letter and inserting a date and your name then posting the letter to the addresses provided in the letter.

Please note that two separate letters should be sent, one to the Minister for Primary Industries and one to the Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water.

Please also send AABR a copy of the letter so we can keep a record of how many letters have been sent. Email to: Jane Gye,

For more information see our Paying the Price of Garden Escapes Report, or contact Jane Gye.

In the meantime we urge you to use WWF’s list of invasive garden plants as a guide when you shop for plants.  The list can be downloaded from the WWF website at: