Powerful Owl

The Powerful Owl Coalition’s publication, Protecting Powerful Owls in Urban Areas – Powerful Owls benefit people, :   is must read for restoration practitioners.

The 36-page position statement not only has background information on the need to protect the Powerful Owls along with their biology and habitat requirements, it also has a dedicated section for various Stakeholder groups; Community groups, Regional & Local Planners and Designers, Natural Area Mangers, Arborists,  Garden & Park Managers Ecologists and students, identifying appropriate actions for each segment.

For Natural Area Managers information is provided in registering nesting sites, maintaining and enhancing the native vegetation structure, work ethics and fire management.

AABR members are everywhere, often wearing several hats with fingers in multiple pies, all ultimately concerned with the protection and restoration of our bushland. Several AABR members were involved with the production of this excellent document, Foundation AABR member Robin Buchanan coordinated the production, AABR committee member Agata Mitchell and AABR members Mark Walters, Noela and Bill Jones provided comments.

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