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Restoration Standards plain language

  The National Restoration Standards underwent a review in September 2018. To accompany the revised document a plain language guide was produced summarising the six principles that guide the National Restoration Standards. Links to these documents are here.

13-19 May : NPA bush regen camp | celebration | AABR workshop

AABR is off to Kylies Beach on 18th-19th May to celebrate, with the mid-north coast NPA, Australia’s longest running Bitou eradication project. For forty years bush regenerators in various guises, (volunteers, contractors and NPWS staff) have been working around Diamond Head in Crowdy Bay National Park dealing with the legacy of sand mining restoration which [...]

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Engaging Others Learning Resource

The success and longevity of restoration projects is intertwined with the relationships that are developed with stakeholders at the beginning and throughout a project. By Engaging Others,a project can enable environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes to be delivered and provide benefits long after ‘the project’ formally ends. The fact sheet provides an overview of [...]

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Learning Links

The Learning Links page contains lots of links to presentations from conferences and field days that align with the regenTV themes and support the learning resources. These videos have been produced by the event organisers. The presentations to date have been presented at the following conferences: Restore Regenerate Revegetate Conference 2017 – A Conference on [...]

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Scaling Up Learning Resources

In order to provide corridors of connectivity for fauna habitat needs and the ability for flora to migrate as a response to climate change and landscape fragmentation, large-scale linkage partnership projects have been Scaling Up. The worksheets explore landscape scale projects that are being implemented and provide numerous examples and links to further information to [...]

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