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Water Weeds + Workshop – NSW

The first of AABR’s events for the year is one-day workshop with a bit of everything… Water Weeds, the Biosecurity Act, the National Restoration Standards and networking…what more could you want?

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5/11/19 Water Weeds workshop- 8 places left

  A one-day workshop with a bit of everything… Water Weeds, the Biosecurity Act, the National Restoration Standards and networking…what more could you want? Charlie Mifsud, DPI’s Aquatic Weeds Project Officer in the Invasive Species Program will be the main presenter. The day is designed to be a learning and networking opportunity with morning tea and [...]

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Annual Biodiversity Symposium – Victoria

Environmental Restoration or Green Deserts and Ecological Traps The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) presents a two‐day program covering aspects of the regeneration and rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems. Human activity is rapidly increasing the number and size of damaged areas. This two‐day symposium will include 11 presentations on various aspects of regeneration and a [...]

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8/10/19 Seeds for the Future forum – NSW

Optimising the conservation of remnants and regrowth requires us to also reconstruct linkages - but where will the seed come from?

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Field day at Wallaroo

On Saturday 31/8/19 AABR and the Cumberland Land Conservancy (CLC) are hosting an all-day field trip at the Wallaroo property of the Cumberland Land conservancy. We'll be exploring the natural assets of the endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland and evaluating the tools and techniques being used to monitor and restore the seven vegetation types present on the CLC reserves.

Support regenTV

regenTV is AABR’s video platform and we love to record the knowledge that is shared at our field days and forums because not everyone can get to a field day or forum. There’s always so much to capture with experts on hand sharing their passion projects and enthusiastic participants asking the million dollar questions. Making [...]

Restoration Standards plain language

  The National Restoration Standards underwent a review in September 2018. To accompany the revised document a plain language guide was produced summarising the six principles that guide the National Restoration Standards. Links to these documents are here.

Engaging Others Learning Resource

The success and longevity of restoration projects is intertwined with the relationships that are developed with stakeholders at the beginning and throughout a project. By Engaging Others,a project can enable environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes to be delivered and provide benefits long after ‘the project’ formally ends. The fact sheet provides an overview of [...]

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Learning Links

The Learning Links page contains lots of links to presentations from conferences and field days that align with the regenTV themes and support the learning resources. These videos have been produced by the event organisers. The presentations to date have been presented at the following conferences: Restore Regenerate Revegetate Conference 2017 – A Conference on [...]

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Scaling Up Learning Resources

In order to provide corridors of connectivity for fauna habitat needs and the ability for flora to migrate as a response to climate change and landscape fragmentation, large-scale linkage partnership projects have been Scaling Up. The worksheets explore landscape scale projects that are being implemented and provide numerous examples and links to further information to [...]

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