Ticks and tick-borne diseases – protecting yourself,  is now available as a PDF.

It is subtitled “A review of current information and options for bush regenerators, bush workers and people who love the bush.”

This publication, edited by Virginia Bear and Lynn Rees, was prompted by a number of bush regenerators and ABBR members who have tested positive to Lyme disease and its co-infections in recent years (see ABBR News editions 112 and 113).

Lynn explains “The key reason for doing all of this tick protection stuff is that I am a passionate bush regenerator and want to be able to keep doing it safely and want all my colleagues on board too.  Imagine what would happen if we all stopped bush regenerating because of a few tick bites!
I have been really humbled by my volunteers who said, after learning about my Lyme disease diagnosis, that they would keep doing it if I was. So keeping us all safe from ticks became my focus and obligation”.


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