Over 30 emails where sent to the Bush Regeneration List Server between 20 April & 4 May 2006 regarding bush regenerators’ working conditions and other bush regeneration & bushland issues. Senders included the full spectrum of “the industry”, including bush regenerators, bush regen contractors & consultants, clients (Council bushland staff), TAFE bush regen (now Conservation & Land Management) staff, volunteer Bushcarers and AABR committee people.

ISSUES: In the interests of resolving some of the issues raised, AABR has compiled a list of them … over 30 in all. Click HERE to download a pdf file or email membership@aabr.org.au for a copy.

SOLUTIONS: For most issues in the list, 1 or more solutions are suggested. These come from listserver emails and the AABR committee. Solutions are worded so as to be (for the most part) achievable. It is recognised that the solutions are only part of the picture in resolving the issues, eg. the lack of appreciation for bushland by sections of the community is a tough one to resolve!

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: Another column in the list suggests who might take action on each solution. In the interests of achievability, this has been restricted to the Bush Regeneration industry.

WHAT YOU CAN DO to help resolve the issues:

1. Read the list of issues and solutions.
2. Email membership@aabr.org.au if you want to help with any of the solutions (quote the number/s), even if you’re happy just to comment on a draft of what others come up with.
3. Become an AABR member or a subscriber to our newsletter – the $30/$15 annual fee helps AABR progress issues. Email membership@aabr.org.au for joining details.
4. If you’re a member, list your business on AABR’s website – again the annual fee helps. Email advertise@aabr.org.au for listing details.”