Project Description

Rainforest restoration pioneers, Big Scrub Landcare, are again at the forefront of restoration ecology investigating solutions to the problem of genetic inbreeding in the hundreds of thousands of Big Scrub plantings. With the long term viability of the Big Scrub and associated investment at stake, they have developed a strategy to test for genetic diversity, propagate the most genetically diverse specimens in a plantation system and reintroduce them in and around the historical plantings.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening titles 00:00
Introduction to talk and acknowledgements 00:15
The problem and the solution to lack of genetic diversity 1:00
Extent of plantings and compromised genetic diversity 1:50
Testing of genetic diversity 4:10
Developing an idea for enhancing genetic diversity 5:00
Challenges in financing the project 5:55
Small Isolated species in isolated remnants 7:00
Project partners 8:50
Project benefits ; enhanced gene flow, more effective pollination, expand remnants, transferable model 11:00
A solution to fragmentation and isolation 13:05
End credits 13:25

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