Project Description

Restoring native vegetation cover on an island dominated by Kikuyu and Coastal Morning Glory poses unique challenges, especially when the island provides critical seabird breeding habitat. The Five Islands Nature Reserve is a culturally significant site and the success of the restoration project has been due to the project bringing together the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council, scientific, Friends of Five Islands and academic communities.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Titles 00:00
Acknowledgements 00:15
Site location/connections 1:18
Nature Reserve Fauna 2:05
Threats- current and historical 2:25
Successful Management of Kikuyu 3:20
Planning and adaptive management and volunteers 3:45
Traditional knowledge 5:25
Employment opportunities 6:25
Art connections 7:00
Scientific expertise 7:55
Aerial treatment 8:45
University research- evaluating success 9:30
Volunteer engagement 9:50
Project partners 10:30
Community solutions- social dimension 11:30
Funding partners 12:15
Question: Drone Monitoring 12:35
Question: Erosion and planting 14:04
End credits 15:00

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