Project Description

Dan Cunningham from Sydney Water describes the reconstruction of ‘one of the most polluted waterways in Australia’, Cooks River, west of Sydney airport. An alternative to reconcreting was proposed to a highly engaged community that involved renewal of trapezoid concrete channels to regraded and naturalised vegetated banks. A great example of a paradigm shift in Sydney Water ‘who for 126 years have done big concrete things and this is the first time they’ve done a big unconcrete thing’.

Topic Mins: seconds
Intro 00:10
Location 00:28
 Degrading factors  00:44
Purpose of the project  01:20
 Community involvement  01:48
 Range of issues  02:12
 Creek naturalisation process  02:38-03:45
 Reference models  03:50
 Methods and results  05:15
 Benefits  06:55
 Credits  07:10

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