Project Description

The north Australian savannas are vast and have the potential to provide significant indigenous business opportunities for markets in greenhouse gas emissions, living tree biomass and non-living biomass as shown during the Carbon Farming Initiative. Jeremy Russell-Smith provides an overview of the fire management strategies that have been undertaken within the context of indigenous management opportunities in the north which are adaptable to all parts of Australia.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Titles & Speaker Introduction 00:00
Acknowledge traditional custodians and those present 0:30
Project partnerships 1:20
Fire Frequency in Northern Australia 2:15
Savanna landscape and uses 3:15
Land tenure in the north 4:30
Seasonal burning- fire frequency and pyro-diversity at scale 5:10
Fire management opportunities 7:15
GHG emissions- national inventory methodology 7:50
New industry in carbon economy 9:50
Fire management and WALFA 11:00
Traditional burning methodology 13:00
Kakadu burning methodology 14:10
Seasonality of burning and GHG emissions- WALFA program 15:01
Carbon Credits from savanna burning 16:00
Business opportunities and challenges 16:35
End credits 20:00

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