Project Description

Peggy Svoboda has been helping Saltmarsh to recover on the Hunter River Estuary near Newcastle in NSW. This video outlines the significant benefits of the restoration project as a Ramsar site of significance for migratory shorebirds and the process of constructing saltmarsh communities. Contouring of the landscape, Juncus acutus removal and riparian restoration in the context of climate change are covered.

Topic Mins: seconds
Introduction 00:08 – 00:50
Introduction 00:50 – 01:25
Internationally significant shorebirds 1:30-3:16
Location of the project 3:16
Tipping Point-degradation 4:04
Coastal Saltmarsh 4:55
Work areas 6:20-7:07
Methods and results 7:07-7:59
Excavation example 8:00
Community involvement 12:40-13:37
Using Juncus kraussii on edges 13:51
Rock fillets 14:46
Conversion to National Park 15:00
Historical reference information 16:04-18:26
Lessons learned 18:30
Role of natural change 19:50
Climate change and planning 20:44-23:18
Credits 23:27

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