Project Description

If you want to be inspired by a catchment based landcare group, the video of the Big Scrub landcare group, is well worth a watch. Mike Delaney, from EnVite outlines the strategic approach of the landcare group towards education and re-establishing corridors across the Big Scrub, an area just east of Lismore on the far north coast of NSW. He also explains his approach to dealing with forests of Camphor laurels.

Topic Mins: seconds
Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare projects 00:10
Location and extent of degradation 01:50
Collaboration with other organisations 03:47
Regenerating the remnants 05:00
Weed is the main issue 05:45
Monitoring and evaluation 06:45
Example: Johnson’s Scrub 07:17
Replanting 08:05
Examples replanting 09:57
Camphor regrowth management 10:28
Linkages at landscape scale 12:16
Example: Camphor treatment 13:18
Landscape linkages increasing 16:09
Future directions 17:17
Credits 19:40


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