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Why is grassy ecosystem restoration so hard…it doesn’t have to be? Paul Gibson-Roy shines the light on the USA’s approach. In 2015 Paul received a Winston Churchill fellowship to explore the industry in the USA .He shares his findings of the scale and viability of the industry and the government incentives and the structures that have produced a market driven approach, which is driving grassy ecosystem restoration in agricultural and urban areas.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Titles 00:00
Introduction to talk 00:14
Background to issues: Agricultural impacts on native grassy ecosytems 1:05
Do Protection tools work? 2:15
The understanding of Ecological restoration 3:05
Complex large scale restoration of grasslands 4:20
Limitation: Lack of seed to undertake restoration at scale 5:00
Solution: Market driven solutions . Summary of USA seed and restoration sectors 5:35
Seed production enterprises in USA: variety of business models 6:50
Requirements to grow seed at scale 8:30
USA v’s Australia Grassy community restoration project 5-5000ha 9:45
Markets that underpin the USA success 12:00
Outcomes from market driven approach 13:50
Additional benefits-Farmer well being, soil security, mitigation of GHG, water quality 14:35
Farm based conservation projects- legislation and coordinated policy frameworks 15:50
Future Challenges of existing programs 16:15
US legislation examples  Roadside wildflower movement- native landscaping on public roads 17:00
Value of wildflower plantings on road corridors 19:00
New markets for natives in urban spaces in USA compared to Australia 20:35
 Differing attitudes towards restoration 22:30
Legislation + incentives-> restoration 23:30
What Australia needs, advocates to inform leaders 24:10
Redemption through restoration 26:15
Call to action for 26:45
Question: Can a levy be applied in Australia? 28:00
End Credits 29:45

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