Project Description

Stormwater flows along the first kilometre of urban streams requires energy and nutrient loads to be managed effectively to ensure the downstream integrity of the riparian systems can be maintained. The Popes Glen Bushcare Group, with the support of the Blue Mountains Council have explored and implemented a variety of highly successful soft-engineering strategies to dissipate flow and extract excessive nutrients from the site before the waters flows over Horseshoe Falls into the Blue Mountains National Park.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Titles 0:00
Overview of the Popes Glen project 0:13
Stream dynamics 1:00
Stormwater structures 2:35
Adaptive management – structure evolution 3:15
Sediment control 3:40
Water quality 4:20
Site flow management 4:45
Hydrology & weed management 5:30
Drop down structures 6:55
Barriers & woody debris 8:50
Ripple bed 11:35
Trajectory of change 12:45
Armouring 13:20
Headwall stabilisation 14:55
Root plate reinforcement 16:12
Drop down structure 16:50
Context in the landscape 18:00
Credits 18:35
End 18:55

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