Project Description

The Koorangie Marshes are part of the Kerang Wetlands Ramsar site that is culturally significant to the Barapa Barapa people. Prolonged waterlogging and rising salinity, which resulted in the death of River Red Gum and Eumong canopies, had historically impacted almost half of the Koorangie marshes. In partnership with the Barapa Barapa peoples the regeneration of the tree canopy and restoration of habitat features was undertaken.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening titles 00:00
Acknowledge country and elders 00:15
Project location background 00:40
Wetland condition 1:44
Problem of permanent inundation 2:10
Koorangie Marshes overview of issues 2:43
Avoca River before & after weir 3:45
Reference community 5:09
Cultural significance 5:25
Ramsar wetland ecological significance 7:00
Recovery of wetland 11:35
Objectives of project 12:13
Outcomes of projects 12:50
Project partners 13:30
Indigenous Involvement 13:50
Positive aspects for Barapa Barapa 14:35
End Credits 15:14

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