Project Description

Comprehensive strategic planning and site assessments, coupled with thinking creatively around landscape connections are some of the ingredients required to scale up projects. By understanding the capacity of assisted regeneration, a spectrum of bush regenerator skill levels and resources can be utilised to maximise outcomes.  Jen Ford provides two examples that explore how the planning documentation translates into on-ground outcomes that enables all stakeholders to participate in restoration across a landscape scale project.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening titles 00:00
Introduction- Is Scaling up possible 00:25
Site assessment –  resilience, connectivity, habitat  and approach 1:23
Benefits of planning 2:53
Planning process 3:45
Example: Hidden Vale Restoration Plan objectives- 4800ha 4:15
Maps and information 5:30
Detailed mapping of precinct, zone and subzone 6:15
Example of precinct ecological restoration plan 6:35
Example Stewartdale restoration zone- 205ha 7:45
The value of having a plan 8:10
Detailed mapping techniques to support a plan 9:10
Photopoint monitoring 10:35
Scaling up with skilled labour 11:40
Practical tips for scaling up 12:15
Funding options to expand a project 13:30
End credits 14:25

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