Project Description

Revegetation guides can provide a valuable resource in determining a local indigenous reference community- Principle 1 of the National Restoration Standards. Gill Earl provides a walk through of the Murray-Riverina vegetation guides that are widely accepted as the go-to resource for revegetation projects in that area. The elements of the guides are outlined and why they have achieved widespread adoption is discussed.

Topic Mins: seconds
Titles 00:00
Introduction 00:10
Murray-Riverina revegetation guides 00:50
Content of reveg guides 01:45
3 Step process- subregions, landforms/ plant communities, species selection 02:26
Vegetation profile example, including reference site, Species descriptions 04:55
How reveg guides are used and by whom 07:00
Principle 1. Ecological restoration practice is based on an appropriates local indigenous reference ecosystem 09:03
How the reveg guides relate to the National Restoration Standards- Principle 1 09:30
Reveg guides need to be -Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely 11:21
BProblems with reveg guides and conclusion 13:23
Credits 14:44
End 15:00

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