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Genetics and Restoration

How do ensure your restoration project will be resilient in times of changing climate and increased fragmentation across the landscape? Tein McDonald discusses with Linda Broadhurst the implications of population size, the parental gene pool and the significance of pollinators in ensuring genetic diversity and countering inbreeding depression. In this expanding field, the importance of [...]

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Introduction to the National Standards for Ecological Restoration

Jen Ford provides a brilliant 10 minute overview of the National Restoration Standards six principles and the contents of the document. Why have standards, what are they and how can they assist with on-ground restoration activities are all clearly explained. View Jen Ford's presentation There is an ever-expanding library of regenTV videos and learning resources [...]

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Forty years of restoration & production on a working sheep station

Martin Driver's 5000ha grazing property has been in the family for many years. Martin outlines the transformations that have occurred as a result of fencing, the resilience of the landscape and the lessons he has learned in managing the land for grazing, protection of endangered plant communities and environmental outcomes. The talk is presented within [...]

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AABR Awards dinner a great success.

AABR 30th Anniversary Dinner Over 90 people attended AABR's inaugural awards dinner.  We congratulate all the 25 major awardees and the 40 or so life member citation recipients.  Your work represents many years of dedication and determination - often in the face of much opposition from established practices. (A list of major awardees will be [...]

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Successful Forum 2016 – Experience Counts

The NSW launch of the National Restoration Standards on July 21st in Sydney (co-hosted by AABR) was attended by 300 people from a wide spectrum of restoration practitioners, managers, researchers, teachers and students.  Fifteen inspiring speakers from four states illustrated one or more aspects of the standards when presenting their case studies from marine, aquatic, wetland, [...]

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National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration

AABR has been, for the last three years, a major partner in the development of the now completed National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia. Read the Standards at http://seraustralasia.com/standards/contents.html.

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Did you miss a field day?

Now you have a second chance! We think these events are worth sharing with a wider audience, so we are now filming many of them. The first two videos, about seed production for grassy woodland understorey, have just arrived at RegenTV. We have a fair bit of material in the edit queue, and hope to [...]

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Watch out for RegenTV

AABR’s video platform is set to take off over the next 3 years. In January, we received funding from NSW Environmental Trust to develop a video based educational resource. RegenTV will officially launch on our 30th anniversary in July, but it's already taking shape. We have recently added two field day videos and five conference [...]

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AABR symposium a success!

Yesterday's AABR symposium "Rebuilding ecosystems, what are the principles?" was a great success. The conference centre venue was a great space and about 220 people attended. From all accounts the audience were all blown away by the very high quality of the ecological restoration work represented by the 7 invited speakers as well as the [...]

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Peggy James Book :: Cosmopolitan Conservationists

COSMOPOLITAN CONSERVATIONISTS Greening Modern Sydney By Peggy James $39.95 • pb • isbn 9781925003086 Cosmpolitan Conservationists tells the stories of the intertwined lives and the stories of the intertwined lives and century Sydney. Their network featured: David STEAD Walter Burley GRIFFIN Charles BEAN Thistle HARRIS Norman WEEKES Marie BYLES Myles DUNPHY Annie WYATT Each individual [...]

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