The National Restoration Standards have been designed to encourage all restoration and rehabilitation projects in Australia to reach their highest potential.

The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) and 12 partner organisations (including AABR) collaboratively developed the national Standards over a three year period – carefully considering the needs of all stakeholders and in consultation with hundreds of key stakeholders including agencies, researchers and industry organisations and individual practitioners.

The Standards identify the need, purpose and principles of ecological restoration – and outline the steps required to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a restoration project to increase the likelihood of its success.

The Standards will aid private, public and community sectors in their efforts to encourage, measure and audit ecologically appropriate environmental repair in all land and water ecosystems of Australia.

Read the Standards and gain access to over 120 case studies here:

You can download the pdf version of the national standards for the practice of ecological restoration in Australia (ver2.1 Sept 2018).

A plain language summary guide to the standards is here.