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Bushland Weeds of South-Eastern Australia

Downloads The Bushland Weeds of South-Eastern Australia has been compiled by Nancy Pallin. Suggestions, additions and edits welcome. Please forward to npallin@bigpond.net.au. Download Weeds List

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Bushland Weeds of the Blue Mountains Region

These lists were compiled by the Blue Mountains Bushcare Network PO Box 126 Leura, NSW, 2780 If you would like to nominate weed species to be added to the list, or you would like to assist in the creation of local weed lists for your Region, please contact AABR. AABR c/- Total Environment Centre Level [...]

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Bushland Weeds of the Sydney Region

These lists were compiled by the Bushland Weeds Education Group, Sydney (An initiative of the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators). They have been prepared by practising Bush Regenerators to provide information about which popular garden plants have been found to be troublesome or destructive weeds in bushland of the Sydney region. They can be considered [...]

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National list of naturalised invasive and potentially invasive garden plants

The national list identifies 1036 naturalised garden plant species and taxa that are an actual or potential environmental and agricultural weeds. Available on the WWF Australia Website. Click here to access the report

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Paying the Price of Garden Escapes

Download the Paying the Price of Garden Escapes report. Download the Media Release   Help Support Change Send a letter to support the call for better support for AABR in the battle against garden escapes Help make a difference: urge the NSW Ministers for Environment and Primary Industries to declare the garden plant invasion pathway [...]

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The Introduced Flora of Australia and its Weed Status

This publication is the outcome of a Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management project, and is aimed at a large range of users from Commonwealth, state and local government officers, to researchers, horticulturists, nursery owners, farmers, landscapers, consultants, groups of volunteers looking after remnant bushland to home gardeners. Everyone who uses plants needs to [...]

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