Elisabeth Dark


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Personal Information

I grew up in Grafton in what was then called the Northern Rivers area of NSW but have lived all my working life in Sydney, mainly in the inner west. I am always keen to escape the city and remind myself that there is life, human and otherwise, beyond. Bird watching, anywhere in Australia, is a particular interest and ensures I continue to visit many special places.

Professional Information

After other very different careers (in training & development, interior design) I first became interested in ecological restoration as a way of assisting to ‘green’ my small part of Sydney through an involvement in local bushcare volunteering, establishment of a community-run indigenous nursery and lobbying of my local council to employ a biodiversity specialist. These days I am an intermittent, rather than a core, volunteer with a tendency to turn up at morning tea time.

More than 10 years ago I became employed by the National Trust, a pioneer of the bush regeneration industry and practices, and around the same time joined AABR.

The National Trust is a member-ship based conservation organisation, originally established in the 1940s from a concern for Sydney’s natural heritage though these days it is more known for its built heritage conservation. It began bush regeneration contract work in the 1970s. I work in this business arm, tendering for and managing contracts and everything that encompasses.