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Environmental Restoration or Green Deserts and Ecological Traps

The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) presents a two‐day program covering aspects of the regeneration and rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems. Human activity is rapidly increasing the number and size of damaged areas.

This two‐day symposium will include 11 presentations on various aspects of regeneration and a tour of Westgate Park on the Sunday afternoon.

Note: MORNING TEA, LUNCH and AFTERNOON TEA included on Saturday. MORNING TEA only on Sunday. Spaces are limited for the field trip on Sunday. In the event of overbookings, preference will be given to people booking for the whole weekend.

The registration form for the 2019 Biodiversity Symposium is here

A print friendly summary  of the Symposium is here

Speakers include:

  • Dr Sapphire McMullan Fisher
  • A/Prof Ian Rutherfurd
  • John Harris
  • Damien Cook
  • Geordie Scott‐Walker
  • Geoff Carr
  • Dr Graeme Lorimer
  • Dr Luke Barrett
  • Darcy Duggan
  • David Cheale
  • David Sparks

Topics include:

  • Mallee Habitat Restoration
  • Reviving Degraded Wetlands
  • Waterways and streams
  • Saltmarshes
  • Westgate Park Project
  • Ecological Traps
  • Grassland Rehabilitation
  • The Role of Fungi in Revegetation
  • Weed Management
  • The nature of offsets
  • And more

For more information or to register, contact:

Max Campbell 0409 143 538

FNCV Office 03 9877 9860 or admin@fncv.org.au

This event is being supported by the Victorian Branch of AABR

For more information about this group contact vicbranch@aabr.org.au

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