regenTV is AABR’s video platform and we love to record the knowledge that is shared at our field days and forums because not everyone can get to a field day or forum.

There’s always so much to capture with experts on hand sharing their passion projects and enthusiastic participants asking the million dollar questions.

Making movies of an enduring quality requires a fair bit of planning, a bucket load of craft, years of experience and some mighty fine equipment…this translates into a cost which we’re asking you to lend a hand with.


Investing in these opportunities is one way that AABR members and supporters can support the bush regeneration community to get the best outcomes for our bushland, by sharing expertise.

Individuals can donate- this is not tax deductible

Businesses can sponsor videos which can be a tax deductions and contribute to corporate social responsibility goals.

We are currently seeking support for the production of a short video for the The Barrier Field Naturalists’ Club Centenary.

We are aiming to raise $10,000 to produce high impact, engaging videos from a collection of material recorded during field trips to Broken Hill telling the history of the Restoration Reserves and the Albert Morris story. One of the first restoration projects in the world.

Your donation will enable the sharing of the field trips and presentations with those unable to attend and assist us to provide an online learning resource for the bush regeneration community, supporting the UN Decade of Ecological Restoration and the Sustainable Development goals within the context of the National Standards for Ecological Restoration, highlighting industry best practice in a climate-changing world.