Project Description

Todd explores the concept of ecocentricity and how it provides an ethical and social framework for both restoration and our relationship to the environment. An outline of the social, and individual benefits that have been produced on the Skyline tier project exemplifies how a changed worldview can unite a community. Todd, along with Michael Leunig espouse how ecocentricity could be a unifying social principle for Australia.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Titles 00:00
Introduction 0:12
Restoration ethics 1:00
Defining restoration- Principle 1 1:45
Social outcomes of benevolent restoration 2:15
Restore Skyline Tier program 2:55
Resilience 3:45
Program structure- environmental, social personal benefits 4:00
Economic base for restoration 6:20
The social threshold for ecological stewardship 7:35
novel ecosystems, cultural landscapes 8:11
Ecocentric restoration 10:10
A unifying Australian principle 11:55
End Credits 13:05

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