Project Description

Reconstruction of native plant communities on rock dumps in Kosciusko National Park explores the process of redressing the impacts of 400 disturbed sites that were created during the construction of the Snowy Hydro scheme, a $1,548,443 project. Elizabeth MacPhee talks through the logistics and the process of reshaping steep rock dumps, organic enhancement with scavenged materials and revegetating using natural systems to guide the process, ‘rehab is the work of the future if we are going to survive as a species’.

Topic Mins: seconds
Project context 0:34
Project description. Extent and causes of damage 1:30
Scope of work and logistics 2:35
Creating soil medium 3:30
Cost 4:33-4:45
Reference ecosystem and plants used 5:05-5:45
Monitoring and results 5:50-6:20
Lessons learned 6:25
Herbivory 7:03
Credits 7:25

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