Project Description

Does size matter? Victoria Park Nature Reserve is a small fragment of the once mighty Big Scrub sub-tropical rainforest. Reflecting on 40 years of monitoring, Tein McDonald highlights the significant contributions to the understanding of rainforest succession that this reserve has made. Monitoring of Camphor laurel removal using species composition surveys and photopoints, clearly demonstrates the critical role of frugivore dispersal to facilitate rainforest recovery.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening titles 00:00
Introduction to talk 00:13
Background to talk 00:30
History of Big Scrub removal and conservation 00:49
Site location Victoria Park Nature Reserve-1980 2:04
Rainforest gap dynamics 2:30
Camphor laurel treatment- natural succession results 1980-2018 3:00
Lantana treatment and results 4:00
Results after planting- later successional species 4:45
Bird species as attractors 5:30
The perch factor 6:20
2018 aerial monitoring 7:20
Later phase species colonisation 8:15
Wind dispersed species 9:10
Small remnant contribution to broad scale restoration 9:32
Recovery Wheel 10:45
Implications for restoration of small fragments 10:57
End credits 11:39

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