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The million dollar question of ‘provenance’ is eloquently described by Linda Broadhurst within the context of habitat fragmentation and climate change impacts. The talk simply explains the role of genetics in understanding inbreeding depressions and how they can arise from small population sizes or reduced parental numbers. A must see video for anyone who collects or propagates seed for restoration projects.

Topic Mins: seconds
Titles 00:00
Introduction to using genetics in restoration 00:09
Seed assumptions: abundance, quality,genetically diverse 01:48
Fragmentation overview 03:10
Inbreeding explained-self incompatibility in large and small populations 04:29
Self compatible impacts- number of parents impact on inbreeding 07:35
Summary of inbreeding effects and species impacted 12:15
Climate change implications for restoration with seed 12:38
Value of Seed Production Areas 14:00
Shifting our Practices 16:25
Genetic considerations-provenance/diversity 17:45
Provenance and local adaptation 18:20
Evidence for local adaptation 19:00
Resources:National Restoration Standards -Appendix 3 & Box 2 19:46
Additional resources-Climate ready restoration 20:00
Thanks and Bringing Back the Banksia 20:24
Credits 20:43
End 20:58

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