Project Description

Jen Ford’s presentation showcases a well planned, 10 year funded, Threatened Species offset project. Detailed examples of four Species of National Environmental Significance are discussed and picture-perfect photopoints utilised to highlight the changes that have resulted from dedicated professionals undertaking assisted regeneration supported by hazard reduction burns. The project not only achieved the 2 for 1 offset required but also increased resilience across the site, improved infrastructure and developed partnerships.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening titles 00:00
Background to project 0:12
Description of Numinbah Conservation Area 2:05
Plans:Bushfire Mangagement. Restoration plans 3:03
Site mapping for restoration 4:00
Threatened Species: Spiny gardenia 4:30
Threatened Species: Onion cedar 5:50
Threatened Species: Shiny plectranthus 6:13
Threatened Species: Rough-shelled bush nut 7:02
Results of restoration 7:59
Mapping results 9:35
Monitoring: photo points before and after 10:28
Partnerships 13:07
Question: How were the plants planted out…as a monoculture? 14:00
End Credits 14:35

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