Project Description

If you want to be inspired by the regenerative capacity of nature, Nigel Tucker’s talk reflecting on his lifelong observations and monitored project outcomes is the video for you. The role of disturbance and dispersal is discussed in the context of regeneration and resilience using the example of a 300km pipeline in PNG. The effects of harnessing ecological furniture and treatment of topsoil are also discussed.

Topic Mins: seconds  
Introduction 00:24
Distance and disturbance 00:54
Lake Barrine planting case study 01:36
Migratory resilience in rainforest 02:24
Donaghy’s Corridor planting case study 02:48 – 03:24
Gas Pipeline PNG case study 03:25 – 05:39
MStabilize landforms 04:00 – 05:39
Planning for conservation 05:35
Regeneration as acid test of restoration 08.06
First order principles 09:16
Distance 11:12
Disturbance 12:27
Distance/dispersity spectrum 15:12
Diversity cf. distance results at three sites 17:36
Weed changes over time 18:35
Melomys species as indicators 19:18
Comparing restoration and natural recovery 20:22
Second Order principles – functionality 21:56
Weeds 24:06
Conclusions 24:41
Credits 25:24

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