Project Description

In pursuing a personal passion to restore the Caledonian Forests of Scotland, Alan Watson Featherstone developed an understanding of the key ecological principles needed to guide positive trophic cascades. By fencing remnant vegetation to reduce herbivory, ecological processes were reinstated to do the hard work of recovery. Rewilding projects are underway to complete ecosystem functionality. This is an inspirational video of volunteer enthusiasm making a difference.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Title 00:00
Bradley sisters- key principle 0:10
Background of Caledonian Forest 0:35
The need for restoration- Forest retreat 1:20
Restoration of Biodiversity- A new story 4:40
Extinctions in Scotland and the world 5:15
Scottish loss of diversity and inability to recolonise-outdoor relics 6:20
Cultural connection with nature severed 8:00
Threats to recovery –fragmentation, grazing, nutrient loss 9:00
Elements of successful ecological restoration 13:10
Caledonian forests- their restoration- goals and passion 14:55
Collaboration and partnerships 16:15
Fencing of 50ha- monitoring 16:40
Natural regeneration v’s revegetation and fencing protection- trophic cascades 19:10
Measure of success- Aim of the project 22:15
Seedbank and fencing of peat hags 23:00
Positive trophic cascades and keystone species 25:05
Fenced Wild boar reintroduction experiment to control bracken 29:55
Rewilding- return of missing species. The beaver (keystone species), Red Squirrel translocation 31:20
Return of missing predators 34:07
Some principles of ecological restoration 34:32
Ecological restoration is reconnecting people to the landscape 38:35
Communicating Passion leads to positive outcomes 41:25
The personal impact of restoration is global 42:45
Trees For Life contact details 43:27
End credits 43:34

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