Project Description

A six year – $250,000 Environmental Trust project enabled a community group to formally identify threatened species, record and monitor the local flora and fauna and undertake bush regeneration which has aided connectivity and set the multiple public reserves on a recovery trajectory. An assortment of community engagement events were undertaken and a plethora of publications produced to support local landholders to care for their bushland blocks, which in turn has aided the protection of the public reserves.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening titles 00:00
Introduction to project 00:15
Location of project 1:30
Background to project and community group 2:20
Baseline studies to inform project 2:50
Extending connectivity 3:55
Threatened species identification 5:25
Survey methods 6:05
Community engagement –nest box project 7:00
Community communication 8:45
Bush regeneration outcomes 9:20
Engagement events 11:00
Communication products 13:00
Lessons learnt 13:50
End credits 14:44

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