Project Description

This is an inspiring presentation that showcases a variety of strategies that were used to improve aquatic habitat. Approaches undertaken ranged from mechanical bank shaping to altering mowing practices, resnagging with whole trees to purpose built fish hotels. The detailed monitoring and commitment to community engagement has meant that the upward trajectory for in-stream restoration will continue beyond the funded project.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Title 00:14
Fish as indicator species 0:15-
Background and drivers 1:15
Purpose and Goals of Dewfish Demonstration reach 2:50
The strategic approach- National Restoration Standards 4:30
Reference sites 5:00
Monitoring program, knowledge gaps. 6:00
Adaptive management 6:40
Community support and rationale 7:15
Oakey Creek Case Study- lack of instream habitat and riparian management 7:45
Oakey Creek Case Study results, communicating results 10:15
Lifecycle management and fish hotels 11.20
Myall Creek case study- Urban creek 12:00
Myall Creek case study- Results 13:20
Adapted intervention approach 14:00
Supporting key species 14:20
Bankside buffer zone project- natural regeneration 15:00
Aquatic habitat re-planting 16:50
Results in improvement of fish species- natural rehabilitation 17:20
National Restoration Standards- targets, monitoring and adaptive management 17:50
Community communication and long term engagement. 18:35
Credits 20:00


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