Project Description

The Popes Glen Bushcare Group set up a vegetation trial to determine what plants would survive in the harsh conditions of the weed infested silt flat. Armed with a successful species list, funding was sought and thousands of plants planted. Bird surveys have informed the revegetation process with bird habitat thickets unintentionally created from weed willow debris. Building on this positive outcome the group replanted around the woody debris with ground to canopy entanglement as the habitat creating objective.

Topic Mins: seconds
Opening Titles 0:00
Overview of the Popes Glen project 0:13
Background issues 1:00
Adaptive management – 4 small trial plots for revegetation 3:14
Funding request 4:3o
Revegetation process 4:50
Staged project objectives 6:15
Recruitment/self seeding 6:45
Storm surge management 7:15
Wetland rehabilitation process 7:45
Swamp Wallaby /frost management 8:42
Bird monitoring- small birds habitat 9:40
Bird habitat thickets 11:40
Community planting day 13:00
Before & After images 13:45
Credits 14:50
End 15:10

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